Howe Street Haven

On Wednesday 26th November, LHowe Street HavenGBT Health and Wellbeing had the privilege of hosting ‘Stigma and Stones’ with support from Book week Scotland. The event featured work from poets Sally Fox and Jo McFarlance, who read out some brave and moving describing their personal experiences of living with a the stigmatising diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.
We were very touched by this inclusion (below), in which Sally and Jo describe their experiences of coming to our office on Howe street. Thank you Sally and Jo!

Howe Street Haven

Central to my recovery
was the discovery
of the LGBT Centre
for Health and Wellbeing.

They didn’t judge me
through the filter of my labels,
but enabled me
to just be with myself.

In all my complexity
they accepted me,
greeted me with smiles,
warmth and interest

They invested in my creativity
and opened up my world for me;
gave me support and family
and a safe space to grow.

– By Sally Fox and Jo McFarlane