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LGBT Health and Wellbeing has been involved in the production of a number of publications. Please feel free to download a copy of these, which is in a PDF format. Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply paper copies of these publications.

Impact Reports

LGBT Health regularly produces Impact Reports that focus on the impact of particular projects or pieces of work. Recent Impact Reports include:

  • LGBT Mental Health Empowerment Space: 2017 impact report from 6-month project funded by See Me Scotland exploring the impact of mental health stigma
  • LGBT Swimming Project: 2014 report on 8 exclusive swimming sessions for LGBT people provided in partnership with Edinburgh Leisure
  • LGBT Age Capacity Building Project:  Report sharing the learning from the LGBT Age Capacity Building Project which ran from May 2012-June 2015.
  • LGBT Mental Health Demonstration Project: Outlines the breadth of service delivery and capacity building work undertaken over 2010-2014 as part of our 3 ½ year Scottish Government funded demonstration project.
  • Speak Out Creative Writing Project: Report on the creative writing project run September 2013 to February 2014, which culminated in the publication of the Naked Among Thistles anthology.
  • Transition Support Service: 2014 report on our 2-year BLF-funded Scotland-wide holistic programme of support to transgender people around their gender reassignment or transition.
  • LGBT Helpline Scotland: 2014 report on the first year of our national LGBT Helpline.
  • LGBT Equalities Project: Report on this EHRC-funded initiative delivered 2010-2012 to increase accessibility and support LGBT people with a focus on multiple discrimination and community safety.

For more information on any of our services you can get in touch with our Deputy Director, Stacey Webster at or call her on 0131 652 3282 or 0131 523 1100.

Audit Tools

LGBT Health has produced two Audit Tools which aim to build the capacity of mainstream organisations to provide more culturally sensitive and inclusive services to LGBT people. These easy to use Audit Tools are designed to guide practice development by helping service providers to think about the needs of LGBT people, their overall experience of using their service and how this can be further enhanced. The tool is designed to help identify practical steps towards ensuring LGBT-inclusive practice, including around policies and procedures, monitoring and promotion and publicity.

We are currently able to provide some customised support and training to mental health organisations undertaking the audit process in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  In Edinburgh we are able to extend this support organisations working with older people.

For more information about these Audit Tools please contact our Deputy Director, Stacey Webster at or call her on 0131 652 3282 or 0131 523 1100.


LGBT Health and Wellbeing produces a range of regular e-bulletins aimed at keeping you in touch with our services and programmes and other health, wellbeing and equality developments. We would invite you to subscribe to any e-bulletin that seems relevant to you.

  • Village Voices: monthly LGBT e-bulletin keeping you up to date on all our activities in Edinburgh and beyond.
  • Glasgow Village Voices: monthly LGBT e-bulletin keeping you up to date on all our activities in Glasgow and beyond.
  • T monthly: monthly Scotland-wide e-bulletin aimed at transgender people, allies and partners.
  • LGBT Age: monthly e-bulletin for LGBT people 50+, including coverage of the LGBT Age social programme in Glasgow and Edinburgh and relevant community news.
  • Rainbow Families: regular e-bulletin for LGBT parents, provides community news and details of our Edinburgh-based family friendly activities.

You can also contact or call 0131 523 1100 to request to subscribe to any of these mailing lists or to request for these to be posted to you.


We have produced a number of awareness raising films, which are available to view.

  • Transvisions: our award winning exploration of the experience of transgender people in Scotland.
  • Are We Being Served?LGBT community members reflect on their experiences, hopes and attitudes towards mainstream services as they get older. The film is a great resource for running your own awareness raising training session, either by yourself or in a group. These training notes will support you to get the most out of the film, and are designed to help you to draw out the key issues and think about practical ways of engaging with them.
  • Coming Out Stories: range of people tell their ‘coming out’ story.
  • ‘See Me’- I’m open minded: This film explores mental health issues, sexual orientation and gender identity. It was produced by ‘see me’ in association with LGBT Health and Wellbeing.
  • Living With – Exhibition: Part of LGBT History month celebrating a diverse range of artists’ work, exploring the experiences of being lgbt and living with long term health conditions.

Event Reports

We host quarterly community discussion events on topical matters and issues that affect LGBTQI communities.  If you didn’t manage to attend, below we have some event reports to give you an insight into who attended and what was discussed.  Look out for some useful resources too:

Trans Event Reports

We host quarterly confidence building workshops for the trans and non-binary community. Within these reports you can read summaries of discussions, learn more about how we structure events and get a feel for the impact they have on those who attend:

  • Transition Support Course 2017: Report from the 2017 Transition Support Course where participants explored gender transition options with guest facilitator James Morton from the Scottish Transgender Alliance.
  • Trans Social Group | Fife: Findings from a consultation event held on 25th June 2016, in Kirkcaldy, exploring how a new regular social group in Fife would best serve the trans community.
  • Sex, Relationships & Intimacy: Report from a 2016 Confidence Building Workshop as part of the Lothian Transgender Support Programme
  • NHS Lothian Gender Services Information Session: Event report from a 2016 Q & A information session giving trans people in Lothian, the opportunity to meet clinic staff and hear about gender services in a safe and supportive community setting.
  • Trans Community Support Group’s Day: Report on our Scotland-wide networking event held in February 2014.
  • Practical Skills Day: Event report from a 2015 Confidence Building Workshop as part of the Lothian Transgender Support Programme.

LGBT Age – resources for services and organisations working with older LGBT people

We have a range of LGBT Age resources to support you to make your organisation or services as inclusive and welcoming as possible for older LGBT people.

These resources were developed through the LGBT Age Capacity Building Project, in consultation with older members of the LGBT community and professionals who work with older people.


LGBT Learning Disabilities & Difficulties – resources for services and organisations working with LGBT people with a learning disability or difficulty

  • What is transgender?: an information booklet for people with a learning disability and/or difficulty.

We have identified other information resources that are useful for supporting LGBT adults with learning disabilities on topics relating to sexual health, relationships and gender identity. These include accessible information leaflets, resources and signposting for parents of LGBT people, general LGBT guides and resources to inform professionals in their practice. We are always interested to hear about any resources that you have found relevant or useful for this purpose, so please do get in touch if you have any suggestions.

The resource list can be downloaded at Learning Disabilities LGBT Resource List.


Useful Links

For a comprehensive directory of LGBT organisations please visit the Equality Network’s website. You can search their directory by organisation category or area.