Transgender Information and Support

Transgender Support Programmes

LGBT Health and Wellbeing offers support through our Transgender Support Programmes (TSP) in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.  We welcome trans female/feminine, trans male/masculine, genderqueer, non-binary identities as well as intersex people, people who cross dress and those who are exploring their gender identity.  Anyone who lives in and outwith Edinburgh and Glasgow can access the programmes (although all events are delivered in Edinburgh and Glasgow).

Staff contacts:

Social groups, Confidence Workshops, Trans Support Courses and T Monthly (Edinburgh):
Jules Stapleton Barnes, Development Worker, Edinburgh (works full-time)
E: T: 0131 523 1104

1:1 Support and Information (Edinburgh):
Annette Rae, Edinburgh Service Manager
E: T: 0131 523 1100

1:1 Support and Information, Social groups, Confidence Workshops, Trans Support Courses (Glasgow):
Katrina Mitchell, Development Worker (works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings)
E: T: 0141 271 2330


What support do the Transgender Support Programmes offer?

One-to-one support: If you would like to discuss your needs, find out about support available, or get individual advice about gender or transition related information then staff can offer you support.  There is the option of arranging face to face appointments with staff, chatting on the phone or obtaining advice or information via email.

Social events: ‘T time’ is an informal social gathering welcome to all transgender people and their supporters.  Join us by coming along for a tea or coffee and chat in a friendly relaxed environment every 3rd Saturday of the month in Edinburgh.  We also deliver T time in Glasgow too, on the 1st Saturday of the month.  Each T time we deliver one-off optional events within the session.

Confidence building workshops: We offer one off workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, in a range of activities to help people to build their confidence. Previous sessions have included a ‘Trans Swap and Shop’ and a ‘Practical Skills Day’ and a ‘Moving Towards Confidence’ movement workshop.

Monthly newsletter: T Monthly aims to let you know about any significant events or activities that have been recently taking place and to keep readers up to date about events that you can attend in the forthcoming weeks. There’s a fantastic range of other options for support available to the trans community throughout Scotland and so we are delighted to advertise these in our monthly newsletter.  Read the latest edition of T Monthly here!

Subscribe to T Monthly here.


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Further information and support

Transgender news:  regular online updates from and for the Scottish transgender community.

Online community: LGBT Health encourages transgender people throughout Scotland to keep in contact with ourselves and others within the community through Facebook and Twitter.

Website: We invite you to take a look around LGBT Health’s new website. We have this designated transgender page where you can watch our fantastic ‘Transvisions’ film, access the TSS Impact Report, and find out more about other trans community support. Why not also explore other events and activities that are open to all members of the LGBT community?

Transition Support Courses: These courses are facilitated by staff from the Transgender Support Programmes (LGBT Health) with support from our Mental Health Development Worker Alison Wren.  Lunch and refreshments are provided both days.  The courses takes place in Edinburgh and Glasgow but ire open to anyone, wherever you are based.  If you would like further information on future Transition Support Courses, please contact Jules (Edinburgh) or Katrina (Glasgow).

E: or T: 0131 523 1104 for Jules.
E: or T: 0141 467 6039 for Katrina.

Here’s what participants said about previous courses:

“I cannot express how much I feel that I have gained from attending. It was superb”

“Met beautiful, inspirational trans people, gained some valuable information and advice about transitioning and related issues. I feel this has been an invaluable first step on a very challenging journey.”

“This weekend has been one of the best of my life – thank you!”

Links to useful documents: 

  • Gender Recognition Certificate: If you are aged 18 or over you can apply when you have 2 years’ evidence of living in your preferred gender. This is the process for getting a new birth certificate and being legally recognised as the gender you identify as.  Currently only ‘male’ and ‘female’ genders are legally recognised.
  • Changing your name: you can start using a new name without needing to officially record this. If you want to change your personal details with organisations, you will usually be asked for a legal document showing your change of name.  The most common ways for trans people legally changing name are by Statutory Declaration or Deed Poll. You can download a Q&A information sheet here. You can download an alternative format used by some transgender people here.
  • National Insurance and HMRC records: if you change your name and title with HMRC (including your National Insurance record) they automatically categorise transgender people’s records as ‘restricted access’. This is to protect your sensitive information. Some people can find this problematic when claiming benefits, as most Job Centre staff and call centre workers at HMRC are unable to access your information and resolve any issues. You can contact HMRC to ask your file not to be under ‘restricted access’. You can phone 03000 534730, or write to HMRC, Special Section D, Room BP9207, Benton Park View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ.
  • Gender Reassignment Protocol for Scotland (2012): This sets out the treatments available on the NHS for people in Scotland.  The full protocol is at
  • National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland (NGICNS): this National Managed Clinical Network was set up to support the Gender Reassignment Protocol for Scotland. It aims to ensure equitable access to planned gender identity services. They hold occasional events, aimed primarily at people who may want to access treatment via the Gender Reassignment Protocol for Scotland. Send a message via their contact form for further details about future events.
  • Disclosure Scotland: information for transgender applicants

Trans Sexual Health Resources

Community Groups

Beyond Gender

Tuesday evenings from 7–9pm

Tuesday evenings 7–9pm Group for transgender, non binary and intersex people and their friends aged 13–25. We provide opportunities for young people aged 13 – 25 and their peers to meet, have fun and access appropriate information, support and learning opportunities, as well as providing opportunities for people to participate in local and national decision making. And have fun in a safe space where they can be themselves. Contact:   or visit

InfiniT (Beyond Gender Unders)

Fortnightly Mondays, 5.30-7.30pm

A new group for transgender, non-binary, intersex and questioning young people aged 11-16.  A space for people to meet, have fun and to let us know if they need support at school.

E: Tel: 0131 5553940

Central Scotland Transgender Group

This has been very successful since it started and is now focused on providing a public venue for those of who are finding your confidence and, with the other groups, seeks to provide another step in your journey. We are open to ALL in the Trans Community, both male and female, with the usual proviso that we all dress smartly and behave appropriately, as befits a public venue.

Contact Sarah:

Dundee Trans Collective

Dundee Trans Collective is a newly founded group for trans people in the Dundee area. We have a Facebook group (, and anyone who is transgender and/or non-binary and/or intersex, who is questioning their gender identity or who wants to learn how to be a better ally to the trans community is welcome to join, wherever they live. We’re hoping to set up some offline meet ups and events in Dundee in the near future as well. We also have an email address for anyone that isn’t comfortable joining the Facebook group and would prefer to ask questions or get in touch more privately.


Edinburgh Trans Women

1st Saturday of month 7.30-9.30pm, next meeting 5th November

Support group aimed at transsexual women at any stage of transition, women who are transgender and live as women full-time or part-time or for those who are questioning their gender identity. The group meets 1st Saturday of each month 7.30-9.30pm, LGBT Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH6 3TE.

We look forward to meeting you and prefer you to email us the first time you want to visit. This helps with security and helps us get ready to welcome you.

Group contact:

Grampian T folk

Meet in Aberdeen Last Wednesday of the month from 6-9pm and last Saturday of the month for an all-day drop-in

A support group for all under the trans umbrella. This thriving group now has over 60 members!  Grampian Tfolk have started a summer series of bike rides.  For more information about the group or getting involved in the summer activities, contact by phone: 01224 543695 or email: grampian.tfolk

Non-Binary Scotland

Meeting every second Friday from 6pm-9pm

Non-Binary Scotland is a group which provides support and social opportunities for people who either self-identify as out with the gender binary of men and women, or are questioning whether they might.

Whether you are genderqueer, androgyne, third-gender, non-gender, agender, gender-fluid, gender-non-conforming or have any other non-binary identity you are always welcome! Non-Binary Scotland began in November 2013. We will be meeting fortnightly in Edinburgh. We meet in a safe space at least once a month. Some, but not all, of our events and meetings are also open to significant others, partners, friends, family and allies of non-binary people.

You can contact Non-Binary Scotland by emailing:

Find out about meet-ups:

You can tweet us: @NonBinaryScot

You can become a member of our Facebook group at:

Our Tribe

Transgender and looking for a supportive place to explore or express your faith? OUR TRIBE is the LGBT welcoming and affirming Christian ministry at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh. It is a joint ministry with worldwide denomination of Metropolitan Community Churches. All are welcome – friends, family and allies.

We meet on the last Saturday of each month and start at 7pm. Please feel free to arrive from 6.30/45pm at Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL.

If you would like further information contact Rev Maxwell Reay or call 07957 543359

Perth Transgender Group

The Perth Transgender Group meets on the first Saturday of each month and is open to anyone who identifies as trans or is a friend or family member.

Meetings are at the Grampian Hotel, York Place, Perth and start at around 7.00pm.  There is a Facebook page for this Group called “Transgender Perth Scotland”.  On Facebook just search for that name (Scotland is included in the Facebook name as we used to receive lots of membership applications from Australia!)

For further information regarding meetings or other support available in the Perth area, please email Katherine at:

Seahorses Swimming Club

The Seahorses Trans and Non-Binary Swimming group continues to meet on the last Sunday every month from 3-4pm at Whitehill Pool in Denistoun in the east end of Glasgow, £3 per session. For more information contact the group via the Facebook –

Swans of Scotland – North of Scotland

Self-supporting help group for all trans folk in the North of Scotland. Find out more and come along and have a chat, ask questions, be yourself. Contact:

TG Times

Monthly on a Sunday, Dumfries

This is an adult social group that welcomes any person who is adult and identifies as Transgender, including those who are questioning their identity or are cross-dressing. Please note that partners and supporters of Trans people are now welcome at the groups. The group meets one Sunday of each month between 12-3pm at the Birkhill Hotel, Dumfries.

For more info contact D&G LGBT Centre on 01387 255 058. For information on time and venue please contact the D&G LGBT Centre on: 01387 255 058 or email

Also to keep up to date on what’s happening at the D&G LGBT center checkout our website or add us on Facebook: Dumfries LGBT Centre.

TransparenTsees (West)– group for parents of trans people

1st Thursday of the month, 6-8pm

The aim of the group, which has been set up by parents, is to provide a confidential, safe place for parents to meet, discuss issues and ask questions of one another. You may just have found out that your child, whether young or grown-up, is trans*, or you may still be grappling with the issues after many years of knowing – the group is for all parents. Meetings will be held regularly at 2nd Floor at Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Glasgow G3 7NB so please contact: for more details.

Contact: if interested in coming along!

TransparenTsees (East) 

A New TransparenTsees East aimed at supporting families of young transgender, non-binary and children questioning their gender, meeting monthly on a Monday, 6-8pm. (Please get in contact if you wish to attend)

Tel: 0131 555394

TransparenTsees (Tayside)

We are delighted to give details of Transparentsees Tayside.  They meet at 6.15-8.15pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Mindspace, 18-20 York Place, Perth, PH2 8EH.


Trans Men Scotland Social

Trans Men Scotland Social organise social meet ups for transmen (including non-binary folks who identify as trans masculine). The group is organising regular meet ups in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The social events will be free of charge and for ages 16+ only. Stay in touch with the group via Facebook or contact them directly to find out when and where they’re next meeting.

Group contact:

Trans Youth D&G

Monthly on a Saturday, 88B High Street, Dumfries, DG1 2BJ

Trans Youth D&G: our youth group for young people 12-26 who identify under the Transgender umbrella and their supportive friends meets one Saturday of each month from 1-4pm at the LGBT Centre, Dumfries. These dates activity dependant so please get in touch for more info.

  • 1:1 support sessions for young people and or parents: are also available upon request for young trans people who may need support around their identity as are 121 support sessions for parents/ carers of young trans people who may need support in supporting around trans identities.
  • Parents group: We are currently setting up a parents group for parents of trans young people in D&G so please get in touch for more info on this.

The contact for young people and parents in D&G is or call our centre and ask for Julie Ann – 01387 255 058.

TYG: Trans Youth Glasgow

For young trans people or those exploring, aged 13-26

TYG: Trans* Youth Glasgow is a group for young people aged 13 – 26 who identify as transgender or want to explore their gender identity. The group meets fortnightly on a Monday evening at LGBT Youth Scotland in Glasgow. The group aims to support and empower young people as they take part in workshops on transgender issues, sharing their own knowledge, skills and experience, learning from each other and making new friends.

For more info contact Michael Richardson at

Waverley Care Argyll & Bute

We provide one to one support for people living in Argyll & Bute who are trans or exploring their gender identity. Occasional peer support too!

Please get in touch with Katrina: or 07760701308.