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Annual Feedback Survey 2018

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Our 2018 annual survey is now live and waiting for your feedback.

Each year, we ask anyone who accessed our services (no matter how long or often) to give us their comments on our programme of services. This is your chance to let us know what we could improve on including opportunities to suggest future events or groups you’d like to see happen, how to improve our accessibility and many more.

It is also a time for you to reflect on the impact our services had on you. We love to hear about personal journeys and how far you have come. This helps us tailor our services to your needs the best we can. It also helps us collect evidence of needs and gaps to feedback to our funders so we can demonstrate that our services are vital to our local community.

The survey is a vital tool to the organisation and we would really appreciate if you could spare some of your time to complete it. And as a thank you, we want to give you the chance to enter our prize draw and maybe win a £40 voucher of your choice.

To complete the survey, visit the link:

Or if you’d like us to email a copy or post a print copy to you, contact or call 0131 523 1100 / 0141 271 2330.

Deadline: Friday 14th December 2018