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Service Evaluation Findings 2016

Friday, December 14, 2018

235 people who use LGBT Health took the time to tell us what they thought about our services

 “A fantastic increase in the connection with the community around me. A huge increase in confidence about not only myself but around and with other people.”

 “Better mental health, feel more supported, more in touch with the LGBT community, and feel much less socially isolated.”

 “Without LGBT being in existence, I would have been so lonely and isolated in the world. Self-harming and feelings of suicide would be on my mind constantly.”

We conducted our annual Service Evaluation again in late 2016 to find out more about who uses our services and what you think of them.

The survey, completed by 235 respondents, gave us lots of feedback which will be invaluable in further developing our services. Here is a summary of what you told us:

Key findings

 “This is the best organisation I have ever been supported by. With the hardest working and most talented and committed staff”

  • LGBT Health is engaging with a really wide range of individuals of all ages
    who identify right across the LGBT spectrum – and beyond
  • 91% of you rated our staff as excellent or very good
  • 81% of you said that you found the quality of our services as excellent or very good
  • 79% of you rated your overall experience of the organisation as excellent or very

What difference LGBT Health has made for you

 “Meeting people who one can be totally at ease with. Going to things in a group that one would not otherwise attend or could not get to.”

  • 75% of you are more confident in seeking support
  • 69% of you reported that you feel better about yourselves
  • 67% of you feel more aware of services
  • 64% of you feel more connected to your community as a result of using our services
  • 58% report that you have better mental and emotional health

What you enjoy and value

 “I’ve gained a wealth of community support, much more connection to the community, individual support access to resources.”

“A fantastic increase in the connection with the community around me. A huge increase in confidence about not only myself but around and with other people.”

  • Social interaction
  • Sense of community and community support
  • Welcoming and accepting environment
  • Wide range of information and support
  • Improved wellbeing and self- awareness

Your suggestions for improvements
and our response

 “I’d like to see more information on services on Facebook as it’s a great way of notifying/reminding people. I have seen a great improvement recently, keep on doing that.”

  • Access and inclusion
    • We will continue to communicate with you in a range of ways, ensuring that information about what we do is readily available
    • We will continue to look at accessibility of our services and events
    •  We are committed to ensuring our services are inclusive and responsive to needs. The service evaluation allows us to continue to monitor our reach into the community
  • Publicity and promotion
    • In late 2014 we launched our new website and in 2016 we revamped our quarterly programme. We will continue to review our range of publicity tools during 2017
    • We will continue to develop our programme of events to ensure it remains varied

You also provided a wealth of suggestions for new or repeat activities, which we will certainly be referring to as we plan our programme over the coming year.

What you can do for us

Firstly do keep giving us your feedback, so we can ensure we deliver the services our communities need!

Also, the survey showed that many of you hear about us by word of mouth, which means that you can really help us to reach others by spreading the word.

Many thanks to all of you who responded. Your feedback really is invaluable to us!