Individual Support

In taking care of ourselves amongst the complex challenges LGBTQI folks can face, talking can really help. 
We offer one-to-one appointments for anyone who would like to chat about what’s going on for them around their LGBTQI identity and/or mental health and look at what things might be helpful.

During those appointments, you can find out more about the mental health supports available and what services might best meet your needs. For some people this may be a one-off appointment by way of introduction to LGBT Health and Wellbeing’s services. For other people this might include meeting on a number of occasions for information and support (this support would be offered on a monthly basis).

People are welcome to bring a supporter along to these appointments if required.

To make an appointment or find out more about this service, please contact Alison:         
 0131 652 3283

If you would like to talk, contact Elizabeth to make an appointment or find out more:          0141 271 2330