LGBT Community



Coming Out Stories:  a selection of powerful coming out stories from members of Scotland’s LGBT community.

Our services and events

Impact reports

  • LGBT Helpline Scotland: a 2014 report on the first year of our national LGBT Helpline.
  • LGBT Swimming Project: a 2014 report on 8 exclusive swimming sessions for LGBT people provided in partnership with Edinburgh Leisure.

Event reports

We host quarterly community discussion events on topical matters and issues that affect LGBTQI communities.  If you didn’t manage to attend, below we have some event reports to give you an insight into who attended and what was discussed:

  • Autism and the LGBTQ+ Community: report from the September 2018 community discussion raising awareness of autism with a focus on Autistic LGBTQ+ people.
  • Being Queer in a Cis-Straight World: report from the September 2018 community discussion about the main barriers to LGBT people’s wellbeing and the reasons why queer people often suffer disproportionately from poor mental health.
  • What is Pride?: report from the June 2018 community discussion about modern pride events and where they originated, with Scotch Bonnet, Trans Pride Scotland and Free Pride.
  • Sextival: report from the February 2018 community discussion about queer sex and relationships in partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust, Sandyford, Smut Slam Glasgow and Luke and Jacks shop.
  • Deaf and LGBT Discussion: report from the February 2018 community discussion about LGBTQ+ identities and the D/deaf community.
  • Queers and Criminalisation: report from the November 2017 community discussion about issues for LGBTQ people who are criminalised.
  • Another Brick in the Wall: event report from the May 2017 community discussion about LGBTQI people’s experiences of education.
  • Brexit and Beyond: event report from November 2016 community discussion with Brexit Minister, Michael Russell.
  • Getting it Right for LGBT Teachers: event report from April 2016 community discussion for LGBT teachers in Scotland.
  • The Media: Friend or Foe?: event report from May 2015 community discussion about LGBT representation in the media.
  • Film Nights Consultation: event report from April 2015 consultation evening on our current LGBT Film Night service.
  • Ticking the Other Box: event report from September 2014 community discussion about having identities that don’t fit neatly into categories.