Mental Health


  • LGBTI Populations and Mental Health Inequality: this 2018 report pulls together the main research in relation to the mental health inequalities experienced by LGBTI adults and young people, the key causes for these inequalities and makes recommendations for improving the mental health of LGBTI populations in a Scottish context.
  • LGBT Inclusive Mental Health Services: a guide for health and social care service providers.

  • Naked Among Thistles: created as part of our ‘Speak Out’ project, Naked Among Thistles is a moving anthology that speaks honestly about issues which are too often hidden in stigma and silence. Whether you are an LGBT+ person looking for solidarity, a friend who would like to learn how to be more supportive, a professional looking to better understand the mental health inequalities LGBT+ people face, or just someone who appreciates the diversity of people’s stories—this book is for you.You can access the book at the following places:Google BooksGoogle PlayAmazon

Audit tools

LGBT Health and Wellbeing has produced Audit Tools which aim to build the capacity of mainstream organisations to provide more culturally sensitive and inclusive services to LGBT people. These easy to use Audit Tools are designed to guide practice development by helping service providers to think about the needs of LGBT people, their overall experience of using their service and how this can be further enhanced. The tools are designed to help identify practical steps towards ensuring LGBT-inclusive practice, including around policies and procedures, monitoring and promotion and publicity:

Our services and events

Impact reports:


  • ‘See Me’- I’m open minded: this film explores mental health issues, sexual orientation and gender identity. It is part of a series of five short films under the theme ‘see me, I’m…’ that See Me Scotland has produced to raise awareness of mental health in relation to a particular area and the stigma still too often associated with mental health problems.

  • Living With Exhibition: we celebrated LGBT History Month 2016 with a unique and varied exhibition that put a diverse range of artists’ work in the spotlight to explore the experiences of being LGBT and living with or managing a long term health condition.