• Transgender Workplace Support Guide: a guide to support transgender employees, their employers and human resources staff in the workplace to develop good working relationships and an inclusive working environment. Here is a poster that you can use to promote the guide in your workplace. In addition, you can use our “10 Top Tips” posters for employers, employees or human resources.

    • The Gender Garden: a Scottish anthology of transgender, non-binary and intersex voices.

  • Gender Identity Booklet: an information booklet co-produced with the Scottish Transgender Alliance for transgender people in Scotland, their families and friends.


Transvisions: our award winning exploration of the experience of transgender people in Scotland. Features candid conversations with transgender people that challenge the stigma and misunderstandings surrounding transgender identities.

Our services and events

Impact reports:

  • Transition Support Service: a 2014 report on our 2-year BLF-funded Scotland-wide holistic programme of support to transgender people around their gender reassignment or transition.

Trans event reports: