On this page you will find information about our counselling services as well as practical information about how to refer and what to expect when you come along.

  • Edinburgh Counselling Service is available to trans people (including non-binary people), gay and bisexual men, and all men who have sex with men.  You can self refer by clicking on this link or calling on 0131 523 1100. We are based in central Edinburgh and offer appointments both during the day and in the evening from Monday to Friday. It is with regret that due to lack of funding we are unable to offer counselling to cis women. Please find a list of alternative counselling options in Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow Counselling Service is available to all LGBT people as well as those questioning their sexual or gender identity.  You can self refer by clicking this link or calling on 0141 271 2330. We are based near to St George’s Cross Underground and offer appointments Monday to Wednesday.

These services are confidential. If you are a health professional you can refer a client using the same forms or by calling us on the same numbers.


Talking with someone who is trained to listen and support can help you to understand more about what you are experiencing and in that way give you the opportunity to identify choices that you have about how you want to live your life. Counselling can help with a whole range of issues, including:

  • relationship difficulties
  • gender or sexual identity issues
  • self-confidence and self-esteem
  • abuse
  • coming out
  • depression and anxiety
  • sexual issues
  • isolation

Our counsellors are volunteers who are either qualified or in the final stages of their training with accredited institutions. LGBT Health and Wellbeing provides ongoing professional supervision to all our counsellors and all adhere to BACP ethical standards and Code of Practice.


Private counselling in Edinburgh and Glasgow costs around £45 per session. Our service is supported by donations so although you will never be turned away if you are unable to pay, we ask all of our clients to make a donation at each session according to their ability to do so. All donations come directly into the counselling service and we are members of the Gift Aid scheme.


The first thing to do is to complete and send us a referral form (Edinburgh form) (Glasgow form) or to give us a call. You will then be invited to attend an initial appointment with the counselling coordinator. This will happen within two to four weeks. The meeting will last about an hour and will give you the opportunity to:

  • find out about what the service can offer you
  • tell us more about what brings you to the service at this time
  • discuss together whether counselling feels right for you
  • talk through any donation you may be able to make for your counselling sessions
  • talk about your availability for a weekly sessionIf together we agree that counselling is right for you at this time then you will be placed on our waiting list for a regular weekly session at a time to which you can commit. It may take between four and eight weeks to find a suitable session, and in some cases longer in Glasgow as the service is very small. The more flexible you can be in terms of your availability, the quicker we are likely to find you a slot. When you begin you will have 11 consecutive weekly sessions of 50 minutes.

If you have any further questions or need any more information please get in touch:

Claire Black | Counselling Coordinator | 0131 523 1100

Elizabeth Riddell | Development Worker (Mental Health & Counselling) | 0141 271 2330