Information and support for trans communities, including non-binary people

LGBT Health and Wellbeing offers support to the trans, including non-binary communities through our Transgender Support Programmes (TSP) in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We welcome trans female/feminine, trans male/masculine, genderqueer, non-binary identities as well as intersex people, people who cross dress and those who are exploring their gender identity.  Anyone who lives in and outwith Edinburgh and Glasgow can access the programmes although all events are delivered in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Explore this page to find out about events and workshops coming up and how to
contact us for further support. Alternatively, you can subscribe to T Monthly, a monthly
trans-specific e-newsletter with news, events and support opportunities for trans
and non-binary people across Scotland.

Contact us

For social events, confidence workshops, transition support courses in Edinburgh
and T Monthly, please contact Jules:          0131 523 1104

For individual support and information in Edinburgh, please contact Sylvia
(works part-time):    0131 523 1100

For social events, confidence workshops, trans support courses and individual
support in Glasgow, please contact Katrina (works Mondays, Tuesdays and
Wednesday mornings):      0141 271 2330