Transition Support Courses


Two-day weekend courses are delivered annually in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, for anyone looking to explore their transition options in an open and safe, non-judgmental space. These are facilitated by staff from the Transgender Support Programmes with support from our Mental Health team. Lunch and refreshments are provided both days but participants will need to arrange travel to and from venue. Courses take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow but are open to anyone, wherever you are based.

The course will provide safe and supportive opportunities to meet and connect with other trans or non-binary people, share your experiences, take part in confidence building workshops and learn more about your options and rights (a session with Scottish Trans Alliance is included).

We recognise that everyone’s journey is different – the course is not designed to tell you how to transition, but rather to give you space and time to think about your identity, how to keep yourself well and to equip you with information about your options.

If you would like further information, please contact:

Edinburgh        0131 523 1104

Glasgow   0141 271 2330

Or you can read the report, including summary notes and reflections, of the Edinburgh Transition Support Course 2018 that took place in January 2018.


The Glasgow Transition Support Course 2018 will be held in August 2018 and early bookings are now opened. An accessible venue is yet to be confirmed.

Book online: