Are you passionate about the issues faced by LGBT people in Scotland?

Join us if you are committed to community development, and want to help us to deliver our ambitious vision of health, wellbeing and equality for LGBT people in Scotland. We are recruiting suitably experienced and enthusiastic people to help us deliver our services. Find out what roles we are recruiting for via the menu on your right.

About LGBT Health and Wellbeing

Since 2003, we empower LGBT people to live healthy and happy lives, and help communities to grow stronger.

We provide support and a safe space for people to explore freely who they are, where they can build the strength, resilience and confidence to be their authentic selves. We also bring people together in friendly and inclusive spaces, where they can meet others, share their experiences and support one another, so one feels alone anymore.

We do this by sustaining a wide programme of support services, including specialist one to one support, social events and groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as a national helpline. 

We are community-driven and our work is directly influenced by the community. We also work with other organisations to help them deliver services that are inclusive and affirmative to the LGBT community.

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